EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Captain Blood attacks in SEVEN SWORDS #3

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Captain Blood attacks in SEVEN SWORDS #3

Later this month AfterShock will release Seven Swords #3, the next installment of the series from writer Evan Daugherty, colorist Valentina Bianconi, and letterer Dave Sharpe. After two issues featuring art by Riccardo Latina, artist Federico Dallocchio joins the series for its next issue, which finds series lead D’Artagnan thrust into a leadership position he never wanted.

Here’s how AfterShock describes Seven Swords #3:

The swashbucklers take to the high seas and D’Artagnan is grudgingly forced to play captain to his motley crew of sword-masters.  

They must all hold fast if they have any hope of braving pirate-infested waters, storming the literal Bastille and rescuing the Man in the Iron Mask, a mysterious prisoner who apparently plays a key role in Cardinal Richelieu’s grand plan.

The first two issues of Seven Swords have largely followed D’Artagnan as he assembles his league of extraordinary sword-wielders from throughout famous works of fiction. The premise is an entertaining one, and the stakes for the series are appropriately high. It should be pretty fun to see how a team of people with swords stops the literal end of the world.

Check out the exclusive preview of Seven Swords #3, as well as the cover to the issue by Andy Clarke & José Villarrubia below. The third issue of the series arrives in stores on Wednesday, August 25th.

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