Cartoon: The replacement Republican Party

Cartoon: The replacement Republican Party


White supremacist “replacement theory” is working its way into mainstream Republican thought. Thanks to an unhealthy mixture of anti-immigrant fervor, nativism and old fashioned racism, a once obscure idea touted by mass murderers in crazed manifestos is now being spouted on Fox News.

Replacement theory is a stupid and vile racist load of nonsense, it’s really the Republican Party that is getting replaced by far-right wackos who are taking the place of GOP conservatives of old.

The Replacement Republican Party is doing all it can to suppress the number of people who vote in elections. And even more ominously, Republicans are working to change the way elections are conducted and ballots are counted so that they can be manipulated and politicized. Impartial ballot-counting is in serious jeopardy in some states.

Enjoy the cartoon — and remember, you can go behind-the-scenes with me and help support my work over on my Patreon pages!

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