A MONTH OF GREAT ROMANCE: 14 Romantic Webtoons to make you fall head-over-heels in love

A MONTH OF GREAT ROMANCE: 14 Romantic Webtoons to make you fall head-over-heels in love

Is there anything better than the heartache of a good romance story? Whether it’s unrequited love or young love or enemies-to-lovers, romance comes in all flavors and it’s dealer’s choice when it comes to perusing the genre on Webtoon. As one of its largest genres, it can be hard to pick from the plethora of offered stories (even if you limit yourself to the Originals) but I’ve compiled the following list. From the supernatural to slice-of-life, here is a look at some of my favorite romantic Webtoons to make you fall in love.

Always Human by walkingnorth

Almost HumanAlmost Human
Credit: Webtoon

After falling in love with Aerial Magic, I found myself checking into other works by walkingnorth and found myself reading Always Human. Set in the high-tech future where people can use nanobots and genetic engineering to “mod” themselves, Sunati, a frequent modder who is always altering her appearance, develops a crush on a girl named Austen, who always appears the same. On top of walkingnorth’s fantastic artwork, nearly every episode of Always Human has a fantastic backing soundtracking. The is a completed series with 78 episodes.

Brass and Sass by antlerella
Editor: Bre Boswell; Colorists: Achjayel, Fatherrjo

Brass and SassBrass and Sass
Credit: Webtoon

As a former band geek, Brass and Sass holds a special place in my heart (and has a claim over my Webtoon coins). When newcomer Camilla joins the school band, whatever she lacks in skill she makes up for in passion and eagerness. Bumping up against the serious and buttoned-up virtuoso Victor, the two personalities clash. A delightful story about young love with adorable art from antlerella, this story keeps me coming back week after week, hungry for more. It currently has 69 published episodes, with 4 locked under Fast Pass (take my coins!!)

Empyrea by OHKATES

Credit: Webtoon

After a five-month hiatus, I was overjoyed to see this Webtoon return last year in August. Set in a fantastical kingdom, Empyrea is not just a romantic story but a supernatural story with mystery and action elements. With inspirations from fairytales and steampunk, there is so much to enjoy when it comes to Empyrea, but what takes the cake is OHKATES’ art nouveau-inspired style that makes every panel enchantingly beautiful. It currently has 50 published episodes, with 5 locked under Fast Pass.

Gourmet Hound by Leehama
Flat Colors: Kelsey Kato, Sydney Brunzell

Gourmet HoundGourmet Hound
Credit: Webtoon

While this does eventually become a romance between the supertaster, Lucy, and the chef she befriends, Graham, Gourmet Hound is primarily an emotional tale that talks about loss and forgiveness and the passage of time. Throughout its 166 episode run, Lucy encounters all the chefs who once looked up to her grandmother and her cooking school. As a food lover, Gourmet Hound is a treat. As a romance lover, the slow burn between Lucy and Graham comes to a satisfying end (even if it takes the whole series!)

House of Stars by saltacuentos with art by Lion Illustration
Editors: Dayna Broder, Paul Jun; Art Assistant: Mai Martin

House of StarsHouse of Stars
Credit: Webtoon

At 26 episodes, this is one of the shortest completed series on the list but deserves a high place of honor for the mythic inspiration and absolutely stunning artwork reminiscent of Studio Ghibli. House of Stars is the story of a girl named Lily, who is pulled into a quest that takes her to a strange world with an evil queen. But everything is not as it seems and what unfolds is a story about love and loss with a healthy injection of fairytale magic to boot.

The Kiss Bet by Ingrid Ochoa
Editor: Breanna Boswell; Flats: Paulina Klabacka, Monica Sivayavirojna, Erika Vasquez

The Kiss BetThe Kiss Bet
Credit: Webtoon

Just turned 18, Sara Lin is worried about her first kiss. Goaded by her friend Patrick into a bet, the two inevitably fall into problems when Patrick catches feelings and while Sara crushes on another boy in their class. Flashback reveals plot twists and side characters enter the fold in this cute (and sometimes infuriating) story about young love. The current story is on its second season with 71 published episodes and 3 locked under Fast Pass.

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe
Copy Editor: Christina Anton; Art Assistants: Jaki Haboon, Lissette Carrera

Lore OlympusLore Olympus
Credit: Webtoon

No list would be complete without Lore Olympus. With just under 150 episodes published since March 2018, this retelling of the myth of Hades and Persephone has been a fan favorite for years. Not only is this a myth that fans have gravitated to for years, but Smythe’s artistic take on your favorite Grecian gods is bursting with life and color. With an upcoming television show in the works based on the Webtoon, it’s hard to imagine this flying under anyone’s radar.

Midnight Poppy Land by Lilydusk
Editor: Paul Jun; Art & BG Assistants: Lester G., Kent E., Kuro.Mono, Sander B.

Midnight Poppy LandMidnight Poppy Land
Credit: Webtoon

Who doesn’t love a bad boy? When it comes to mafia member Tora, he is the definition of bad news. As the bodyguard of a mafia prince, Tora is tough and deadly. Until he comes into contact with Poppy, a book editor who bumps into Tora in a series of meet-cutes. There is an obvious dark edge to their relationship, with their meetings attributed to a key piece of evidence that Poppy has in her possession. But Poppy manages to get beneath that broody exterior and soon her and Tora’s stories become one. This series is currently on hiatus after completing its first season at 58 episodes.

Miss Abbott and the Doctor by Maripaz Villar
Proofreader: Kiley Venables

Miss Abbott and the DoctorMiss Abbott and the Doctor
Credit: Webtoon

The soft-spoken and kind Doctor Andreas Marino gets his life turned upside down when he meets Miss Abbott. She’s wild, she’s funny, she’s weird, and it isn’t long before the doctor ends up totally smitten. Set in Victorian times, Miss Abbott and the Doctor is a light-hearted rom-com for the casual reader. Villar’s sketchlike art style and small-town storylines can be refreshing to those who might not want the dramatic convoluted storylines of other romances. This is a completed series at 173 episodes currently and participating in Daily Pass.

My Dear Cold-Blooded King by lifelight
Assistant Colorist: Leeloo; Editor: Paul Jun

My Dear Cold-Blooded KingMy Dear Cold-Blooded King
Credit: Webtoon

My first official obsession when it came to Webtoon stories. Set in a fictional kingdom, one day Kihara Mei’s life changes when she becomes entangled with the famed Blood King. With an art style reminiscent of josei manga, lifelight paints stunning landscapes and swashbuckling adventure alongside torrid romance and court intrigue. Full of twists and turns, this 161 episode keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end and you’re sure to need a conspiracy connection board to keep all of the plot lines straight.

Spells from Hell by WmW/Silke Tara
Flats & Background by Leni Lee; Concept, Writer, Producer: Sarah Wang; Concept & Storyboard: Maria Li; Editor: David Lee, Quinn Sosna-Spear

Spells from HellSpells from Hell
Credit: Webtoon

A part of the Webtoon Greenlight program from last year, I was eager to see this Webtoon finally come to life beyond the three episodes. While still in its infancy, only 6 episodes down with 3 under Fast Pass, this was easily one of my favorite of the lot when it came to the Greenlight series. With a story based on the East Asian nine-tailed fox spirit, Spells from Hell features the fox spirit, Scarlet, who suddenly appears in hard-working and practical college student James Chao’s room, forcing him to not only reckon with the existence of magic but also this intriguing new person in his life.

SubZero by Junepurr
Editor: Paul Jun; Assistants: Yingcha, Whalesharkollie, Tanvikun

Credit: Webtoon

Arranged marriages? Enemies to lovers? People who can turn into literal dragons? Sign me up. I’ve been following SubZero since its Discovery days and despite sometimes feeling pretty frustrated by the story, I am addicted to finding out the ending. Princess Clove has agreed to marry Prince Kyro of a rival dragon clan after years of bloodshed between the two peoples and what starts as a begrudging peace accord obviously develops into something so much more. Come for the dragons and angst, stay for the art and plot twists. This series is currently on hiatus after completing its first season at 91 episodes.

Suitor Armor by Purpah
Editor: Eunice Vaik; Color Assistant: KeylligraphyInk

Suitor ArmorSuitor Armor
Credit: Webtoon

I’ll admit I’m a recent convert to Suitor Armor. After being recommended the Webtoon a dozen times by a friend, I finally started reading it and now I’m hooked. It tells the story of a lady-in-waiting named Lucia who ends up developing a crush on an animated suit of armor named Modeus. Yes, Modeus is literally an empty suit of armor, and yet the ship works. There is obviously more beneath the surface, and with only 25 episodes published so far (with 3 under Fast Pass), we’re all poised to learn about Lucia and Modeus together!

The Wrath & The Dawn by Renée Ahdieh with art by SilvesterVitale
Writer/Producer: Stephen Lamm; Editor: David S. Lee; Art Asisstant: Jean; Storyboard: Maria Li; Inks: Madeline C.B.; Backgrounds: ITSURYUU

The Wrath and The DawnThe Wrath and The Dawn
Credit: Webtoon

Based on the book series of the same name (which is a reimagining of 1001 Nights), the concept is a familiar one. Shahrzad is the new bride to Khalid, the Caliph, who has killed all of his previous brides after just one night of marriage. In order to stave off the Caliph’s killing spree, she spends her night telling him stories that lead to inevitable cliffhangers that ultimately keep her alive. An expansive story, Ahdieh takes the classic story and stretches the narrative out and fills in the gaps between the frame narrative in an addictive read. This series is currently on hiatus after completing its first season at 67 episodes.

Your Throne by SAM
Additional Assistance: DD, Bakbak, Ssal, Sewoo, Delico, Ma-Bongchu

Your ThroneYour Throne
Credit: Webtoon

Does this technically fall under romance? Maybe not. Romance is hardly the main topic in the dramatic world of Your Throne, and yet it serves as a main catalyst to some of the most impactful events of the story. Set in a Game of Thrones esque world of backstabbing and subterfuge, the Lady Medea Solon is eager to reclaim her position beside the Crown Prince Eros. But when her plans go awry and a magical spell it put on her and her rival, Psyche Callista, both must wrestle with new changes and struggle to survive in their cutthroat world. The series currently has 54 published episodes, with 5 locked under Fast Pass.

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