A Year of Free Comics: Dive into romance with UNTIL SUNSET

A Year of Free Comics: Dive into romance with UNTIL SUNSET

In Until Sunset by Kaylee Claire, Isaac has resigned himself to a dull summer at his family’s holiday home, passing his time by reading mermaid-themed romance novels while his parents are enjoying their vacation with a spa day at the local resort hotel.

Does Issac’s life sound like a beach to you? Maybe it does, but here’s the catch: Issac hates the beach!

Nevertheless, he resolves to take a walk by the ocean to alleviate his boredom. However, soon after he reaches the waterside, he finds what appears to be an incapacitated naked person!

Issac insists that they call an ambulance, but the injured party is dead-set against going to a hospital (hmm… perhaps there’s a secret being concealed here). While Issac is forced to admit that the stranger is acting very bizarre, he is nevertheless forced to admit that he is also very pretty!

Soon, the stranger reveals that he sustained his injury as a result of being hit by a boat propeller. The preponderance of evidence soon leads Issac to the inescapable conclusion: he’s just met a merman!

Until Sunset dives deep into the concept of dating a merman, giving the characters a chance to share their thoughts on the situations in which they’ve landed, in dialogue both external and internal. And like the best supernatural themed romances, it gives plenty of time to both exploring the magical aspects of the world as well digging into the burgeoning romance between the couple.

In addition to reading Until Sunset on Tapas, you can also read the webcomic on Webtoon, if you’d prefer.

You’ll want to be sure and follow Kaylee Claire on Twitter to keep up with the latest updates on their work. And if you’d like to support Until Sunset directly, you can do so by donating to his Ko-Fi or Patreon pages.

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